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3D Print Rocket Lamps

Now freeze the moment of rocket launching.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Check out this amazing Launching Rocket Lamp. It has a rocket and NASA shuttle shape.  It is made by the modern technology - 3D printer, which can produce scale models in plastic, layer by layer.There are lots of material can be used in 3D printing, among which PLA is the most proper material for home stuff. That is because PLA is the most environmentally friendly plant material with no toxic and no odor.

Now light up the rocket to see what's gonna happen. When the light is on, it seems that you're at the mini rocket launch station, and the shuttle is about to fly into the space. The red and orange 'flame' base just like what you see when the rocket is launching. We always pleads for something novel. And now, look at this night-light which is a special one you've never seen! 

Have no idea which gift or home decro is the best? No matter you are a space enthusiast or you just want to find a special night-light, this product will always be a good choice! 

Novel and amazing.

  • 3 different styles
  • 2 different size
  • 800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 6-10 hours working
  • USB chargingCharging time 2-3h