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Jempow - Portable Paw Pool

Your dog will love this paw pool

Jempow is a portable pool perfect for playtime with your dog during the summer. It’s super sturdy and durable, nothing can puncture it.

Jempow unfolds into a miniature pool where your dog can swim and play all day long. You can drain it quickly and fold it nicely for easy storage.

Make the summer days the best time for your pet pal. Jempow creates the best playing experience for dogs and owners.

What makes Jempow so good

Can’t be punctured- The durable design is specifically made for playful dogs. Jempow‘s thickness resists all the scratches and bites.

Splashy summer fun- Dogs love getting wet. Jempow is big enough for any dog to play within it. The summers will get crazy!

Sets up in seconds- Jempow unfolds in seconds. It’s portable and super small when not in use. Draining and folding it is simple and easy. 

Why Jempow is for you- There is finally a dog-sized pool where your pet pal can swim in. With Jempow playtime gets crazy fun.



  • Size:
    • Medium:
      • Diameter: 80cm
      • Height: 20cm
    • Large:
      • Diameter: 120cm
      • Height: 30cm